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Resilient Melbourne, creating a more sustainable future city


The WW+P Team in Australia has submitted an entry for the Resilient Melbourne Competition. Resilient Melbourne is a collaborative project involving a range of businesses and organisations based in the city which aims to help better prepare cities around the world to face the growing challenges of operating in the 21st century. Melbourne was selected to participate in the first wave.

WW+P’s entry aims to tackle the growing pressure on the existing infrastructure and public transport systems in Melbourne, which operate at capacity during peak times, struggling to handle the current population of 4.3 million. Melbourne’s population is estimated to increase by 1.7% each year, reaching 7.7 million people in 2031. This surge will result in the overloading of both the roads and public transport systems.

In order to cater to the growth, the WW+P team proposed a government led initiative offering flexitime to all public and private sector staff. This would have an immediate effect on easing the congestion and promote a healthier work/life balance for the residents of Melbourne.

To promote this change in lifestyle, the proposal also includes the 1 million school students currently living in Melbourne. Schools would stagger their start and finish times resulting in an easing of traffic.

Alongside restrictions on heavy goods vehicles, the Resilient Melbourne proposal would facilitate a shift away from the current 9-5 lifestyle and introduce a more forward thinking cultural norm, enabling a positive work/ life balance and an improvement in mental, physical and emotional health.

The Resilient Melbourne proposal is part of our on-going Transport Orientated Development campaign challenging the way cities develop and ensuring transport is at the centre of sustainable growth.

For the full proposal please click here.