Pudding Mill Lane

Weston Williamson has been awarded the prestigious role of lead architect for the Pudding Mill Lane station.  The relocated station is an enabling project for Crossrail’s Eastern Portal and will form part of the legacy masterplan for the Olympic village.

The unique location of the station, the impact of post-Olympic event crowds and future development of the stadium require a great degree of flexibility, sustainability and safeguarding within the design.  The starting point for the design was the creation of a new ‘Station Square’ to act as a focus for the developing legacy plan.

A key design feature allows future use of the undercroft, providing opportunity for future retail as the legacy plan develops and the area is repopulated.  Over time, the brickwork exterior of the station box can be peeled back to facilitate retail opportunity and create a vibrant street frontage.  Pudding Mill Lane will be the first DLR station with such a facility with the potential to open up over 1000m2 for retail and commercial use.