Pudding Mill Lane

Weston Williamson + Partners were awarded the prestigious role of lead architect for the Pudding Mill Lane DLR station in 2011. This relocated station, which opened on Monday 28th April is an enabling project for Crossrail’s Eastern Portal and forms part of the post Olympics legacy. The design is a simple, legible and elegant architectural solution that endeavours to create a new benchmark for future DLR stations, raising the bar and meeting the expectations of today’s passengers.

Such infrastructural projects are subject to a high level of scrutiny from a wide range of stakeholders. The ‘hard’ technical issues of railway operation have to sit comfortably with the ‘softer’ issues of environment and building form and together provide an attractive, enhanced public and passenger experience.

As a practice WW+P has endeavoured through PML to create a new benchmark for future DLR stations, breaking away from today’s typical sheltered platform ideologies by forming long lasting, mixed use and grounded buildings that integrate well with the city rather than fragment it.

The design commences with the formation of a developmental focus, ‘the station square’. This unique location, the impact of post-Olympic event crowds and future developments within the legacy masterplan demands a great degree of flexibility, sustainability and safeguarding be introduced into the station design.

This ‘grounded’ station, a positive mix of today’s engineering and architecture is  the first Light Rail station on the network with such inbuilt extensive passive provision.