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Collaborative working recognised by TfL award nomination

Weston Williamson + partners is very pleased to have been nominated by TfL for one of its coveted Supplier Awards

The nomination for the Collaboration Award recognises our recent and ongoing support for the TfL Future Stations Programme on capacity upgrade schemes at Holborn, Oxford Circus, Stratford and Elephant & Castle.

The design process at all four underground stations has benefited from our bespoke Elemental Option Sifting method (EOS), which has successfully been used on more than 30 projects over a 10 year period. The process has been developed to help both the design and the wider client/stakeholder teams generate options and find solutions for complex projects delivering best fit and best value design in workshop environments. 

The EOS system is now a robust and thoroughly tested process capable of use on many other complex infrastructure projects including airport design, retail design and master planning.

Senior Partner, Christian Bocci

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How can we help?

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about us and how we work with our clients, consultants and colleagues.