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We’re award-winning architects who specialise in infrastructure, urban regeneration and place making - we design the things and places that make cities work.

We’re well known for our work in infrastructure, rail and metro; for residential, master-planning and place making.  Our vision for the next 20 years is to examine all of the other elements that contribute to the creation of a civilised city – sustainable public transport and automated vehicles, digital technologies, future work spaces, retail, recreation, cultural and entertainment facilities - and incorporate them into our portfolio. 

WW+P People

We are a people business and proud of our talented teams in the UK and Australia


We want to create civilised cities. To produce exciting, high quality design – in different sectors and around the world – with an enthusiastic, happy and talented team. 

We value and respect each other, working collaboratively in an open and trusting environment. We encourage and reward behaviour that contributes to the life of the studio and the wider community in which we work, not just how well we do our jobs.

Equality / Diversity

We live and work in a global city and we want our Studio to reflect London’s diverse population. We actively work to promote an environment of respect for all and make sure our staff are employed, promoted and trained purely on their aptitude and ability to do the job. Through our women@westonwilliamson group, our training programme and our Studio events we aim to include everyone and provide a supportive and open workplace.


We value and appreciate external recognition of our high quality design and exceptional people

Careers at Weston Williamson + Partners

We want to build on our progressive culture, to continue to develop and nurture our people and to attract the brightest and the best talent to our business in the future.  

How can we help?

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about us and how we work with our clients, consultants and colleagues.